Special Education Tutoring

Partner in your child's educational success.

Students with specific learning or physical disabilities require more one-on-one attention throughout their educational careers. At Teacherfindr, we only hire certified, local teachers from your school district. Many of our tutors specialize in Special Education and can effectively tutor children with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities in math or reading, or children who are blind or deaf. Find a tutor who will help your child master content and build confidence.

Special Education Tutoring Special Education Tutoring

How it works.

  • Submit A Request Submit A Request
    1. Submit A Request

    Start by filling out our request form to let us know what tutor you are looking for.

  • We Find A Match We Find A Match
    2. We Find A Match

    Let us do all the hard work and find you the right private teacher for your child's needs.

  • Schedule Your Session Schedule Your Session
    3. Schedule Your Session

    Once you receive your match, talk with your tutor and schedule your first session.

  • Receive Recap Receive Recap
    4. Receive Recap

    After your session, receive your session recap to share with your child's teacher.

Why special education tutoring is important.

Make greater strides with one-on-one attention and personalized lesson plans.

Our Special Education tutors know how much time, attention, and care your child needs to make progress. With one-on-one attention and personalized lesson plans, our expert tutors can reach your child no matter what. Customized lessons tap into your child's interests, draw on their particular learning styles, and help them master content. As your child makes progress, they'll feel more confident in and out of the classroom, too.

Special Education Tutoring Special Education Tutoring
Special Education Tutoring Special Education Tutoring

Strategize with your child's teacher for more effective tutoring.

Learning interventions for students with disabilities require time, skill, and attention to detail. Teacherfindr's certified teachers are experts in navigating learning interventions and can work directly with your child's teacher to customize lesson plans and track progress. After each tutoring session, you'll receive a tutoring report you can share with your child's teacher. With open communication, you can ensure your child is making progress toward the right educational goals.

Where our special education tutors can
help your child.

Deaf/Hard of hearing
Math (Special Education)
Science (Special Education)
English (Special Education)
Reading (Special Education)
Writing (Special Education)
Social Science (Special Education)
Foreign Language (Special Education)
Literacy (Special Education)
Art (Special Education)
Music (Special Education)
All subjects (Special Education)

Compare your options.

Cost per session hour How tutoring
session is held
How much tutor makes Who are tutors
Teacherfindr $40 In-person $35 Certified teachers only
Varsity Tutors $55 Online or in-person
at 90 min session
$15 Anyone
Wyzant $65 Online only $20 Anyone
Huntington Learning Center $70 Group
$17 Anyone
Prices based on an 8th grade math tutor for one hour. No specials or discounts applied to this pricing.

We want you to get the most for your money. Here's how we stack up.

Our licensed teachers work with Teacherfindr because they're passionate educators — and they want to make tutoring more affordable for parents like you. We'll help you calculate your budget based on the number of home tutoring sessions your child needs and set up a plan that works for you.

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What parents are saying.

"Katie is absolutely amazing! She has not only the critical tools and skills to tutor at the highest of levels but she has a special energy which permeates each moment making her an authentic and invested teacher. Highly recommended!"
— Agnes W., NYC

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