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Our teacher-tutors in Richmond (and surrounding areas like Winter Park, Lake Mary, and Windermere) are excited to help work with you and your student. Many (most) are public school teachers within the Richmond Public School system, but we also have teachers from Henrico County and Chesterfield County, as well as private (including The Keystone School, All Saints Catholic School, Grove Christian School, and others) and charter schools (e.g., Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts). In RVA, we know that a good tutor can make all the difference. We hope we can help you find a great tutor today!

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Cost per session hour How tutoring
session is held
How much tutor makes Who are tutors
Teacherfindr $40 In-person $35 Certified teachers only
Varsity Tutors $55 Online or in-person
at 90 min session
$15 Anyone
Wyzant $65 Online only $20 Anyone
Huntington Learning Center $70 Group
$17 Anyone
Prices based on an 8th grade math tutor for one hour. No specials or discounts applied to this pricing.

We want you to get the most for your money. Here's how we stack up.

Our licensed teachers work with Teacherfindr because they're passionate educators — and they want to make tutoring more affordable for parents like you. We'll help you calculate your budget based on the number of home tutoring sessions your child needs and set up a plan that works for you.

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Teachers that tutor in the Richmond area.

  • Emily Albis Tuckahoe Elementary School

    I always wanted to be a teacher from the time I was a little girl teaching my dolls and stuffed animals! I love working with children especially at the upper elementary level when they are growing and learning so much!

  • Andrea Perez Hermitage High School

    I became a teacher because I realized in college just how much my high school teachers had influenced who I became as an adult and I wanted to be able to influence the next generation in the same way.

  • Holly Hollins/span> Glen Allen Elementary School

    I love being a part of the journey to learn. Teaching kids to love learning, and discover what kind of learners they are is an amazing opportunity!

Where our teacher-tutors
currently teach in the Richmond area.

Adams Elementary School
Agnor Hurt Elementary School
Albemarle High School
An Achievable Dream Middle and High School
Arthur Ashe Elementary School
Atlee High School
B. M. Williams Primary School
Baker Elementary School
Bayside Elementary School
Bayside Middle School
Bethel Christian School
Birdneck Elementary School
Booker T. Washington High School
Brandon Middle School
Breckinridge Middle School
Brighton Elementary School
Brookland Middle School
Cave Spring Middle School
Charlottesville High School
Churchland High School
Churchland Middle School
Corporate Landing Middle School
Crestview Elementary School
Crestwood Middle School
Dare Elementary School
David A Kaechele Elementary School
Deep Creek High School
Deep Run High School
Donahoe Elementary School
Douglas Southall Freeman High
Douglass Park Elementary School
Dumbarton Elementary School
Elizabeth Davis Middle School
Elko Middle School
Fair Oaks Elementary School
Fairfield Middle School
Fallon Park Elementary School
G. A. Treakle Elementary School
General Stanford Elementary School
George H Moody Middle School
Georgetown Primary School
Glen Allen Elementary School
Glen Allen High School
Glen Cove Elementary School
Glen Lea Elementary School
Glenvar High School
Grafton High School
Grafton Middle School
Grandin Court Elementary School
Great Bridge Primary School
Green Run High School
Greenbrier Middle School
Harvie Elementary School
Henrico High School
Heritage High School (Newport News)
Hermitage Elementary School
Hermitage High School (Henrico)
Highland Springs Elementary School
Highland Springs High School
Holladay Elementary School
Holland Elementary School
Homer L. Hines Middle School
Hurt Park Elementary School
Independence Middle School
Indian River Middle School
James Hurst Elementary School
John R Tucker High School
Kecoughtan High School
Kempsville High School
Kempsville Meadows Elementary School
King's Grant Elementary School
Lafayette High School
Lakeside Elementary School
Landstown Middle School
Lee-Davis High School
Liberty Christian Academy
Liberty University
Lincoln Terrace Elementary School
Linkhorn Park Elementary School
Lois Hornsby Middle School
Lynnhaven Middle School
Manchester High School
Matoaka Elementary School
Matthew Fontaine Maury High School
Mehfoud Elementary School
Montrose Elementary School
Mortimer Y. Sutherland Middle School
Northside Middle School
Oak Knoll Middle School
Patrick Henry High School
Pemberton Elementary School
Pembroke Elementary School
Pinchbeck Elementary School
Pocahontas Middle School
Princess Anne Elementary School
Princess Anne High School
Princess Anne Middle School
Queens Lake Middle School
Quioccasin Middle School
Reams Road Elementary School
Red Mill Elementary School
Rena B. Wright Primary School
Ridge Elementary School
Rivers Edge Elementary School
Roanoke City Public Sch District
Ruby F. Carver Elementary School
Short Pump Middle School
Skipwith Elementary School
Smithfield High School
Southeastern Elementary School
Sparrow Road Intermediate School
Spotsylvania High School
Springfield Park Elementary School
Stafford Middle School
Stonewall Jackson Middle School
The Academy at Virginia Randolph
Three Chopt Elementary School
Three Oaks Elementary School
Trantwood Elementary School
Trevvett Elementary School
Tuckahoe Elementary School
Varina Elementary School
Varina High School
Virginia Randolph Education Center
W.T. Cooke Elementary School
Ward Elementary School
Warhill High School
Warwick High School
Western Albemarle High School
Western Branch High School
Western Branch Middle School
Western Branch Primary School
William Fleming High School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Woodside High School
York High School

What parents are saying.

"Katie is absolutely amazing! She has not only the critical tools and skills to tutor at the highest of levels but she has a special energy which permeates each moment making her an authentic and invested teacher. Highly recommended!"
— Zachary M., Largo, FL

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