Hi, we're Teacherfindr 👋

We started TeacherFindr to help teachers find tutoring opportunities and earn supplemental income.

Everyone knows teachers are underpaid; in fact, teachers see a 17% pay cut when joining the "noble profession". While we couldn't get state legislatures to change teacher pay, we could create an online tutoring service platform that makes it easy for teachers to find tutoring opportunities and earn supplemental income.

At the same time, we know parents are spending more and more on private tutors but have difficulty finding good, qualified, background checked candidates. With the fees most tutoring agencies charge, tutoring is affordable for only a select few.

Teacherfindr hopes to solve these problems. All of our tutors are active, certified teachers, they are verified by the state to be subject matter proficient and have passed a Department of Education background check. These teachers are in the school systems, they know the curriculum and testing standards better than anyone else. So much of our growth comes from word of mouth, we can afford to charge the lowest service fee of any company in the industry.

In other words, there is no better tutor than a great teacher and no better place to find a great teacher than Teacherfindr.

She's made all the difference. For the first time we have a tutor with the COMPASSION and ABILITY to work with his needs, and we feel great about his progress this year.Tania T., Nashville