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Our teacher-tutors in Nashville are excited to help work with you and your student. Many (most!) are public school teachers within the Metro Nashville Public School system, but we also have teachers from Williamson County, Wilson County, and Rutherford County public schools, as well as private (including the University School of Nashville, Montgomery Bell Academy, Ensworth, and others) and charter schools (e.g., KIPP, Rocketship, Valor, Republic Schools, and others). In the music city, we know that a good tutor can make all the difference. We hope we can help you find a great tutor today!

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Cost per session hour How tutoring
session is held
How much tutor makes Who are tutors
Teacherfindr $40 In-person $35 Certified teachers only
Varsity Tutors $55 Online or in-person
at 90 min session
$15 Anyone
Wyzant $65 Online only $20 Anyone
Huntington Learning Center $70 Group
$17 Anyone
Prices based on an 8th grade math tutor for one hour. No specials or discounts applied to this pricing.

We want you to get the most for your money. Here's how we stack up.

Our licensed teachers work with Teacherfindr because they're passionate educators — and they want to make tutoring more affordable for parents like you. We'll help you calculate your budget based on the number of home tutoring sessions your child needs and set up a plan that works for you.

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Teachers that tutor in the Nashville area.

  • Jamie Grigsby St Ann's Catholic School

    I have been teaching for 8 years. I love helping children feel successful and excited about learning and school! I love seeing the "light bulb" go off and a smile on the child's face. Teaching is my passion, and I will go above and beyond to help your child.

  • Brooke Beavers H G Hill Middle School

    I became a teacher because I want to provide a quality education to all students. I believe that no matter where you live, a child deserves to have the best education possible with great opportunities to have a successful future.

  • Jeannie Sharp Glenn Elementary Enhance Option School

    I became a teacher because I wanted to help students that struggle to learn reading and math. I teach children where they are and move them forward with a strong emphasis on taking ownership of their progress.

Where our teacher-tutors
currently teach in the Nashville area.

A Z Kelley Elementary School
Academy At Old Cockrill
Antioch High School
Antioch Middle School
Apollo Middle School
Battle Ground Academy Lower School
Bellevue Middle School
Bellshire Elementary Design Center
Brentwood Middle School
Buena Vista Elementary Enhanced Option
Caldwell Elementary School
Cane Ridge Elementary School
Cane Ridge High School
Carroll Oakland Elem School
Carter-Lawrence Elementary
Cascade Elementary School
Chadwell Elementary School
Christ Presbyterian Academy
Columbia Central High School
Cookeville High School
Creswell Middle Prep School Of The Arts
Culleoka School
Cumberland Elementary School
Currey Ingram AcademySchool
Donelson Christian AcademySchool
Donelson Middle School
Dupont Tyler Middle School
Dupont-Hadley Middle School
E A Cox Middle School
Eakin Elementary School
East Chester Elementary School
East Nashville Magnet School
East Robertson Elementary School
East Side Elementary School
Father Ryan High School
Franklin High School
Franklin Road Academy
Glencliff Elementary School
Glencliff High School
Glengarry Elementary School
Glenn Elementary Enhance Option School
Glenview Elementary School
Gower Elementary School
Gra-Mar Middle Prep
Greenbrier High School
H G Hill Middle School
Hampshire Unit School
Harding Academy
Harpeth Hall School
Harris Middle School
Haywood Elementary School
Head Middle Magnet School
Hendersonville High School
Henry Maxwell Elementary School
Hickman Elementary School
Hillsboro High School
Hillwood High School
Holloway High School
Hull Jackson Montessori Magnet school
Hume-Fogg Academic High School
Hunters Lane High School
Independence High School
Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center
J E Woodard Elementary School
J. E. Moss Elementary School
Jere Baxter Middle School
Jo Byrns High School
John Early Middle School
John Overton High School
JT Moore Middle School
Kenrose Elementary School
Knox Doss Middle School
Knox Doss- Drakes Creek Middle School
Krisle Elementary School
Lancaster Christian Academy
Lighthouse Christian School
Linden Waldorf School
Lipscomb Elementary School
Lipscomb University
Madison Middle School
Maplewood High School
Martin Luther King Junior Magnet High School
Marvin Wright Elementary School
Mc Gavock High School
McDowell Elementary School
McGavock Elementary School
McKissack Professional Development School
McMurray Middle Prep Middle School
McMurray Middle School
Meigs Middle Magnet School
Merrol Hyde Magnet School
Minglewood Elementary School
Mount Pleasant High School
Mt Pleasant Middle School
Mt View Elementary School
Mt. Juliet High School
Murrell School
Nashville Christian School
Nashville Prep
Nashville School of the Arts
Neely's Bend Elementary School
New Directions Academy
Norman Binkley Elementary School
Northeast High School
Overbrook School
Paragon Mills Elementary School
Park Avenue Elementary School
Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School
Pearre Creek Elementary
Pennington Elementary School
Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Pope John Paul II High School
Portland East Middle School
Portland High School
Portland Middle School
Purpose Preparatory Academy
Ravenwood High School
Restoring Hope Christian Academy
Riverdale High School
Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School
Rock Springs Middle School
Rockvale Middle School
Ruby Major Elementary School
Rucker-Stewart Middle School
Saint Bernard Academy
Saint Cecilia Academy
Santa Fe Unit School
Siegel High School
Siegel Middle School
Smith Springs Elementary
Smyrna High School
South Side Elementary School
Spring Hill Elementary School
Spring Hill Middle School
Spring Station Middle School
St Ann's Catholic School
St Joseph's School
St. Paul Christian Academy
Station Camp High School
Stewartsboro Elementary School
Stratford High School
Stratford STEM Magnet School
Stratton Elementary School
Sumner Academy
Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
Tom Joy Elementary School
Trousdale County Elementary School
Trousdale County High School
Tulip Grove Elementary School
Tusculum Elementary School
Two Rivers Middle School
Una Elementary School
University School of Nashville
Waverly-Belmont Elementary
Westmoreland High School
Westmoreland Middle School
White House Heritage MIddle/High School
White House High School
White House Middle School
Whites Creek High School
Whitworth Buchanan Middle School
Wright Middle School

What parents are saying.

"Katie is absolutely amazing! She has not only the critical tools and skills to tutor at the highest of levels but she has a special energy which permeates each moment making her an authentic and invested teacher. Highly recommended!"
— Zachary M., Largo, FL

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