Jamie Rich

Covington, TN

Meet Jamie

I have had the pleasure of teaching high school English for eight years. After earning my Master’s degree, I began my teaching career at a suburban school teaching senior English. After a couple of years, I moved to teaching junior English and ACT prep, and three years ago I was given the opportunity to teach AP Literature and Composition. Although teaching is my second career, it is truly my passion.

Why Teacherfindr

As a teacher I love Teacherfindr because it gives teachers an opportunity to earn extra money doing something we love without having to spend entire weekends or nights away from home. I also appreciate the fact that Teacherfindr teachers get to bring home more of what they earn through this program compared to other tutoring services. As a parent I love Teacherfindr because the only qualified teachers are hired as tutors. I also like that parents get to select their tutor from a pool of qualified, compassionate teachers at a reasonable rate.

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