Denise Kelly

Charlotte, NC

Meet Denise

I have been a teacher for over 21 years; i’ve been in CMS school district since 2012 and before that I was in lancaster county school district. I became a teacher because my son was diagnosed with a speech impairment in head start, but I have always had a passion for working with children, I was even playing with and teaching my dolls growing up. I love being able to make a difference in someones life, I came from a broken home and was adopted so I know school is very important, the materials you learn there will help you in life.

Why Teacherfindr

I believe in teacherfindr because I feel that a lot of kids that I have worked with are struggling with reading and math. I work with exceptional children and they work hard on the academic part but when it comes time to test, they need help with reading and math. So I think teacherfindr would be a great spot for helping not only children but also helping teachers find another job and make a difference in someones life in the way we do all day anyway.

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