Dalynn Cross

Fort Worth, TX

Meet Dalynn

I've been teaching for 30 years, with the past 20 at a high school in the DFW Metroplex. Working with reading, ESL, and English/PreAP English courses, my goal is to help young scholars realize their full potential academically. For a variety of reasons, many of my students have been unsuccessful in the traditional classroom and they need that extra push to move forward. I try to meet each student where they are, not where they 'should be', and help them grow. No student is incapable of learning, but it's critical for me and for all educators to set the bar high, and help provide the scaffolding for each individual to reach the bar. Through testing, linguistic needs, and other academic challenges, students often tune out without even trying. I do my best to help them refocus and tune IN to learning. I LOVE what I do. In my 'spare' time, I drive our athletic teams to games, I tutor homebound students, and I sponsor multiple clubs and organizations on our campus. I recently retired from tennis coaching due to health issues related to breast cancer. I also began work on my dissertation and hope to finish that academic goal this next year through an online platform.

Why Teacherfindr

I love the concept of TeacherFindr. All too often parents and students have a need that isn't being met with their assigned teachers, for many reasons. Instead of giving up and accepting failure as acceptable, this platform allows meaningful connections to be made for parent, student, and teacher. All too often parents are not able to vet their teachers, and they settle for what they are able to find locally. This platform takes out the guesswork and opens doors for work that is beneficial to all parties. A win-win solution that is greatly overdue!

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